Our Story

Every person fails. Champions simply get up and begin again.

We understand what it  really means to fail greatly and also to succeed. We’ve been there many times.

We both share a long history of failures and broken relationships until our lives were radically transformed by people who loved, mentored and guided us to the right path.

Motivated by gratitude to those who have changed our lives, we now share a passionate responsibility to empower others to be champions in their life, family and work.

Radical means “from the roots”.We believe that real and lasting positive change must begin from the “roots” – that is from the heart. Lives can only be transformed for the better when there is a radical transformation of the heart and mind. We live and breathe to witness such moments in peoples’ lives by creating the environment and opportunities that encourage these changes.

In a world of distractions, our job is to help you find the right focus that moves you towards your goals.

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See you soon at one of our workshops or events!

Paul Wong & Kellan Pham