Paul Wong Li Rhen

Paul Wong Li Rhen Profile Pic (Mar 08)Paul Wong Li Rhen

Paul was a reckless and irresponsible young man with a long history of failures and unsuccessful relationships. He took life and his family for granted and was kicked out of his university at 20 years old. When all seemed hopeless, people who loved him reached out to him and invested their lives into him by mentoring and guiding him to the right path.
Paul realized that at some points in every one’s life, we all are given an opportunity to make a radical decision to take complete responsibility for ourselves and others.  The word Radical means “from the roots”.  It is not to be extreme but rather to be real and authentic. Paul discovered that any real and lasting positive change must begin from our roots – which is our heart. 

Today, Paul is a sought after speaker, author and entrepreneur. He has over 10 years of business development, building and leading teams, training and coaching people to be effective leaders.

Paul has a strong background in the financial industry doing sales, training and leading teams.  He has sold investment software to insurance companies, led a sales team at Citibank Malaysia and previously the Sales & Service Training Manager for HSBC Vietnam.

Paul is a powerful motivator who shares passionately from the heart with personal and engaging stories. The practical principles and ideas Paul offers often leaves his audience with clearer vision and a stronger desire to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Having lived in Vietnam for over 5 years with his Vietnamese wife whom he met in Singapore, he is also able connect deeply with his Vietnamese audience.

He has trained for multi-national organizations like Prudential, Jardines, TetraPak, Chevron, Hong Leong Bank, Robert Bosch and been sought by local companies like Techcombank, Tan Binh Investment & Construction Corporation, ADP Architects & others.

Paul shares practical wisdom to succeed in

  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship.

Some of his frequent topics are:

  • Journey of a Champion– Why you were born to succeed & How to start living that life now
  • How to Succeed as a First Time Manager – put first time managers on the right & strong foundation as they get started to lead their own teams. Learn to lead well from the start.
  • How to Succeed as a Leader – the secret principle & 5 skills that great leaders throughout all history have applied. This is a proven program from the US of which Paul is a local trainer
  • How to Succeed as a Trainer – Use the proven principles & strategies to train others effectively
  • How to be Productive – No nonsense practical strategies & habits succeeding in time mastery
  • How to Succeed in Relationships – The principles of great friendships, mentors, business partnerships & marriages. Paul shares his secrets for turning his entire life around.

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