Our Team

A wise man once said, “What is equally orĀ  more important than a great vision is a great team.”

This is true and we believe our real strength lies not only in how great our vision is but also in the quality of our team. Building a team of the top leadership thinkers who “walk the talk” is our top priority and we are privileged & proud to be associated with all the people on our team.

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Paul Wong

Paul Wong Li Rhen

Responsible for understanding customer learning needs, finding the right solutions, being the lead speaker & trainer of Radical Coaching & developing the team.
“Go to person” if you want to discuss how to train leaders to win in results AND relationships, be an effective communicator, be a great people person, overcome relationship conflicts, develop team unity & alignment, nurture leaders from within, develop winning teams and create a learning culture in your organization.
Deeply passionate about family, mentoring servant leaders, restoring relationships & serving the people of Vietnam.


Kellan Ha Pham


Responsible for research & development to develop & improve solutions to meet client needs and managing the overall operations.
“Go to person” if you want discuss HR best practices that will influence the outcome & direction of the company, get solid recruitment advice & find solutions for general HR issues in your organization.
Deeply passionate about family, parenting principles & methodologies, raising children to be leaders & building a better future, 1 child at a time.